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October 16th - 18th, 2023

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CNAR’s mission is to continuously connect Affiliates, experts, and insights in support of regulatory excellence.


CNAR offers Canadian regulators the opportunity to SAVE, CONNECT, SHARE and LEARN. Apply today!


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What's New

To watch the full January 2023 Virtual Discussion and other Virtual Discussions, join CNAR as an Affiliate! If you are an Affiliate, please login to the portal to view all Virtual Discussion recordings.


Join our online discussions about current issues, share your story, and help develop best practices in specific areas of interest.


Members, subscribers, suppliers and partners can post and search the CNAR Job Bank any time, free of charge!


Connect and collaborate with regulators in your professions from all over the country.


Our partners are committed to supporting Canada’s regulatory community and are best in class.

 The CNAR Community


The CNAR community includes Canada's national, provincial, and territorial regulatory organizations from diverse areas of professional regulation from Prince Edward Island to the Yukon. From large organizations overseeing hundreds of regulators to newly-formed or small colleges still developing their infrastructure, Affiliates share information, discuss emerging regulatory issues, develop best practices, and move together collectively towards regulatory excellence in Canada.


CNAR believes that only by working together with our partners, bringing their expertise to our community of regulators, can we achieve our shared goal of achieving regulatory excellence in Canada. We value the role and expertise that our partners contribute, and we commit to ensuring this is a positive engagement for our partners.

CNAR Affiliates