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Approaches to Regulation: A Look at Proactive Regulation eBook Now Available

eBook Cover - Proactive Regulation

Available for download on the CNAR Portal for members, suppliers, and Partners, under the "Resources" tab.

CNAR 2023’s presentation, ‘Proactive Regulation: The Key to Modernizing How We Regulate,’ challenged regulators to consider proactive approaches to regulatory functions. In the course of their session, presenters illustrated four key considerations related to regulatory approaches:

  • Identifying and understanding aims.

  • Defining, understanding, and assessing risks.

  • Grounding decisions in evidence.

  • Focusing on outcomes.

This eBook explores these points and includes some questions regulators can use to reflect on and strategize about their approaches to regulation.


  Lindsay Steele John Tzountzouris         Deborah Adams

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