CNAR 2020: Psychometrics and Test Development in Credentialing

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

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Have you ever wondered what goes into developing and administering a credentialing examination? Do you worry whether the candidates who pass your exam are truly competent? This is the crux of psychometrics and test development.

Regulators in Canada have a statutory obligation to protect the public, and the proper

application of psychometric and test development principles is a vital component.

Join us on October 20th from 11am to 2pm Eastern Time for this exciting virtual workshop presented by Yardstick on psychometrics and test development in credentialing. Facilitated by Dr. Chris Beauchamp of Yardstick, you will leave this workshop with knowledge and tips that may be instantly applied to your work.

Who Should Attend?

Whether you are new to the field of psychometrics, or if you have participated in one our bootcamps before, this session will provide you with valuable information on how examinations are developed and validated. In addition to introducing important steps in the Assessment Life Cycle this session will focus on specialized areas of psychometrics such as forensic data analyses, collusion detection, equating and scaled scores.

What Topics Will Be Covered?

Not a fan of math? Do not worry: all topics will be presented in a non-technical manner and will allow the attendee to:

  • Understand the work that goes into their program.

  • Identify new areas for continuous improvement; and 

  • Become a more educated consumer of psychometric and test development purposes.

About Yardstick

Yardstick specializes in psychometrics, exam administration, exam delivery software and online proctorings. Yardstick uses a combination of technology, psychometric best-practice, and evidence-based research to securely assess the knowledge and abilities of millions of test-takers around the world.


This workshop is one of six in CNAR's 2020 workshop series. These three to four-hour events will be held in conjunction with CNAR's Interactive Digital Event and offered at a discounted rate for Conference registrants (be sure to register for CNAR 2020 HERE). Space for certain workshops is limited, so register now!

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