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Hot Topics Virtual Discussion Call for Panelists: Pandemic Check In - Impact on Regulation

This month CNAR will be resuming its extremely well received virtual discussions, which are open to all members free of charge. Informal and thought-provoking, these discussions connect our community; provide support as we continue to face the impact of COVID; and explore other hot topics impacting regulators nationwide.

This month's topic will be Pandemic Check In: Impact on Regulation

We are currently seeking panelists to discuss any of the following:

Changes in Professional Services: demand to deliver new services and how they will be regulated

Human Resources: the duties on professional regulators as employers including health and safety obligations; managing a work-from-home workforce; mental health impact

Governance: best practices in hosting annual general meetings and council elections

Membership: processes developed to register new members; disruption of the conditions required to obtain membership such as practicums and supervised practice

Long-Term Changes Triggered by COVID: what changes have been made in your organization in the last year will be kept in place when the situation normalizes?

Apply HERE

Deadline to apply: February 15, 2021

CNAR’s “Hot Topics” Virtual Discussions are offered to help members and others in the regulatory community exchange information and best practices. These discussions are free of charge to all members and typically attract approximately 150 attendees. Discussions are held over Zoom and facilitated by CNAR’s Executive Director, Alyson Gaffney. CNAR is seeking three speakers for this discussion panel; no PowerPoints or other material will be presented. The discussion will be recorded for the benefit of CNAR members and partners who could not attend in person. This discussion is tentatively scheduled for February 24th at noon Eastern Time. The views, opinions and statements made at virtual discussions are solely those of the speakers and may not reflect the views of CNAR.

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