Fireside Foresight: Exploring how Future Trends and Disruptions May Impact Regulated Industries

Join us online at CNAR 2020 for this exciting keynote address by Eric Ward, Senior Director at Policy Horizons Canada, taking place on September 24 at 12pm ET.

How might advances in AI change the value and nature of knowledge work? How could changes to the way that people receive and interpret information affect their perception and expectations of professional experts? And what might telework and greater international trade in services mean for regulation of professional activities?

We are living in highly uncertain times and are already seeing some of the trends and disruptions that could affect the work of regulators and those working in regulated professions.

Join us for an exciting virtual fireside chat with Eric Ward and CRTO’s Kevin Taylor, who will discuss the Next Digital Economy, the convergence of biological and digital technologies, and the future of social connections and sense-making with an eye to the potential impact on regulators. They will also help you think through orienting your work to better adapt to new disruptions and unpredictable changes.

Eric is the Senior Director of Foresight at Policy Horizons Canada, the Government of Canada’s centre for strategic foresight. Eric works with teams of analysts to explore social, technological, economic, and governance futures. The aim is to help government craft policies and programs that are robust and resilient in the face of disruption and uncertainty. Previously, Eric worked at the Department of Justice as Senior Counsel, and at the Privy Council Office as Director of Legal Operations and Director of Strategic Policy for Machinery of Government. Eric was a judicial clerk for Supreme Court Justice Frank Iacobucci, and a researcher for Senator Landon Pearson. He holds degrees in civil and common law from McGill University.

To take part in this keynote address, along with several other topic sessions on the regulation industry in Canada, join us at the CNAR 2020 Digital Conference. Tickets are selling quickly. Buy yours today!