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CNAR Launches Spring Workshop Series! Learn More & Register Now!

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

CNAR is very pleased to kick off our compelling 2023 Spring Workshop Series featuring CNAR Corporate Partners: PSI, Pivotal Research, WeirFoulds LLP, Barker Hutchinson & Associates, and Mietkiewicz Law! Our workshop series will take place virtually from April 17-25. Be sure to review the schedule and descriptions below and register today! Affiliate discount pricing available; applied at checkout.

April 17: Protecting the Integrity of your Exam Program: How to Leverage Data Forensics and Take Action

Identifying suspected exam fraud and taking action as early as possible is a crucial component of exam security and the integrity of an exam program. This workshop will provide practical guidance on the types of analyses proven to detect cheating and procedures for identifying associated exam questions, exam forms, and candidates for further investigative action. Analyses will range from simple statistical checks that can be easily implemented to more complex methods like score pattern and response similarity analysis. Examples will be presented of results consistent with normal testing behavior, as well as results from confirmed incidences of test fraud. Speakers: Isabelle Gonthier, Senior Vice President, Content Science, PSI; Nicole Tucker, Senior Director of Statistical Reporting and Analytics, PSI (12 noon ET - 2:30 p.m. ET)

April 18: Design the Right Performance Framework to Measure Your Program’s Success Taking action to improve quality of services at your organization starts with the development of actionable and smart key performance metrics that gauge effectiveness and achievement of results. Join this workshop to learn how to develop the “right-fit” key performance indicators to track and report on short and long-term outcomes and effectively manage your program targets. During this session, we will deep-dive on the latest in performance design for the Inquiry and Complaints Process, have you explore building out indicators and measures, and discuss how best to leverage reporting requirements in the College Performance Management Framework. Speakers: Doha Melhem, VP of Consulting & Chief Evaluator, Pivotal Research Inc.; Jessica DeVries, Director of Research Operations, Pivotal Research Inc. (12 noon ET - 2:30 p.m. ET)

April 20: “Off-Duty” Conduct: Where is the Line Between Professional and Personal?

In the wake of the pandemic and other events, there has been a significant amount of attention focused on professional regulation; in particular, public discourse in the media and elsewhere on the proper role of regulators. Some of the central themes in that discussion raise questions about whether regulators have any “business” in the private lives of registrants and the rights of registrants to express their views or live their lives as they see fit - separate and apart from their professional life. In this workshop, speakers will examine the issues (legal and otherwise) that often arise in addressing “off-duty” conduct and how those issues sometimes also intersect with Charter-protected rights. Speakers: Jill Dougherty, Partner WeirFoulds LLP; Debra McKenna, Partner, WeirFoulds LLP; and Alyssa Armstrong, Associate, WeirFoulds LLP (12 noon ET - 2:30 p.m. ET)

April 21: Mastering Digital Forensic Investigations

The widespread digitization of practice-related data and the growing use of technology amongst regulated professionals has created a surge in the use of digital forensics in regulatory investigations. Most regulated professionals now store their practice-related data digitally and utilize technology and social media to build and promote their practices and communicate with the public. This presents regulators with both opportunities and challenges when conducting their investigations. This workshop will provide an in-depth look at digital forensic investigations, exploring when digital forensics should be utilized, the benefits and challenges associated with digital forensics, as well as the types of data available to forensic investigators. Speakers will also explore how data is collected (both practically and technically), how data is stored and safeguarded, and how data is analyzed and reported. The workshop will feature several case scenarios that depict actual circumstances encountered by investigators and regulators. Speakers: Greg Hutchinson, President, Barker Hutchinson & Associates; Matthew Musters, Chief Technology Officer & Forensic Investigator, Computer Forensics Inc. (12 noon ET - 2:30 p.m. ET)

April 25: Regulation Gone Wild

Presenters will share some of the wildest, wackiest regulations that have been enacted across the globe. While audience members may find the sheer bizarreness of some of the regulations entertaining (and we hope they do), the presenters will also discuss some of the reasons that lead to the regulations, and how the problems they were attempting to solve could have been addressed differently. This wild ride through regulation will be grounded by practical advice on how to make regulations and polices on sound policy development principles. Speakers: Cathi Mietkiewicz, Lawyer, Mietkiewicz Law; Marc Spector, Deputy Registrar, Ontario Home Construction Regulatory Authority(12 noon ET - 2:30 p.m. ET)

Pricing (Per Person) Per Workshop:

  • Affiliates and Partners: $95

  • Non-Affiliates: $125

Interested in joining CNAR as an Affiliate? Please contact or complete an application at



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