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CNAR 2020: Master Class In Regulation

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Registration now closed. Session recordings for CNAR's workshops are not available. Please bookmark for the most updated news on 2021 events!

Your organization doesn’t have to go through the pain of an external review to gain the benefits. Join a faculty of those who have been through it themselves. What have they learned about how to be a better regulator and what are they doing differently now? What changes do you think we all should be considering and how can you manage such changes when you return to your office?

We hope you will join us on October 26th, 2020 from 12:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m ET for an enriching workshop of learning and sharing!

Who Should Attend?

CNAR’s Master Class is intended for experienced regulators with a minimum of five years of leadership experience. This highly interactive session features presentations from a roster of impressive regulatory experts. The Master Class aims to make good regulators even better, through thought-provoking presentations, the discussion of important topics, and the exchange of ideas. We welcome delegates to bring their challenges and opinions!

What Topics Will Be Covered?

1.  Nothing will go right if the governance is not going right

Chris Hacker, Registrar of the College of Dental Surgeons in British Columbia will discuss a key lesson learned from the critical Professional Standards Authority review of his college. This will be followed by small group discussions about how each attendee’s organization may be vulnerable and what might be done about it.


2.  Change is hard

In British Columbia, three nursing colleges amalgamated to form one regulator. Now that regulator is in the process of amalgamating with the College of Midwives of British Columbia. Bradley Chisolm, Chief Officer, Strategy and Governance with the British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals, will talk about managing change through amalgamations but also, more generally, managing massive change in regulatory bodies (whether voluntary or not).  


This presentation will be followed by small group work by the participants who would be offered a case study and will consider how they would approach change management planning or identify the potential problem areas.


3.  What does the future of professional regulation look like?

 William Lahey, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of King’s College, will provide his insights into what we can expect from professional occupational licensing in future: what are governments doing and what have we learned from the reports of external reviews? What can we all do on our own to make regulation better?


The workshop will include interaction with the speakers, small group discussions, and the chance to brainstorm approaches to opportunities and challenges that you may face in your organization.

Speakers and Facilitators

  • Chris Hacker, Registrar of the BC College of Dental Surgeons

  • Daniel Faulkner, Registrar, Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario.

  • Heather Lehmann, Executive Coach and Organizational Development Consultant, Heather Lehmann & Associates

  • Bradley Chisholm, Chief Officer, Strategy and Governance, BC College of Nursing Professionals

  • William Lahey, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of King’s College

  • Shenda Tanchak, Consultant, Magnetic North Consulting


This workshop is one of six in CNAR's 2020 workshop series. These three to four-hour events will be held in conjunction with CNAR's Interactive Digital Event and offered at a discounted rate for Conference registrants (be sure to register for

CNAR 2020 HERE). Space for certain workshops is limited, so register now!

Other workshops in the series include:

We also encourage you to follow us on Twitter (@cnar_rcor) and LinkedIn (CNAR RCOR) for the latest information about CNAR 2020! Be sure to use our hashtag: #CNAR2020

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