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Communities and Workspaces

Welcome to CNAR’s Communities of Interest and Workspaces. Communities allow like-minded individuals to get together to exchange ideas or work on a project of their choosing, with support from a mentor, a facilitator and CNAR staff.

Discussions, collaborative projects, shared best practices—you decide!

Participants may:

  • Engage in online discussions about shared interests in the field
  • Get involved in such projects as hosting a webinar or workshop, or delivering a conference presentation
  • Share best practices and possibly contribute to an aggregate best practices document
  • Consider meeting in person in conjunction with conferences and symposia

The shape of a Community of Interest is primarily determined by its members, so join, exchange information, learn, and have your say!

Read more about Communities of Interest

Each space may be accessed by groups and individuals who meet specific criteria. For example, Communities of Interest are open to members, subscribers and suppliers who agree to the terms of participation.

Click on any of the links below to find out more about each space, and how to join.

Communities of Interest

Communities of Interest and Workspaces