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About CNAR

The Canadian Network of Agencies for Regulation is the federation of national organizations whose provincial and territorial members are identified in legislation as responsible for protection of the public through the self-regulation of professions and occupations.


CNAR's mandate is to support those involved with the self-regulation of professions and occupations in Canada. We strive to increase the understanding of the Canadian public, governments and others, of the value of self-regulation; facilitate collaboration at the national level amongst our members, federal government agencies and other national and international groups; monitor and respond to federal legislation and policy; serve as an information clearing house on common issues; and develop and share resources.



  • Engineers Canada and the Canadian Nurses Association discuss responding to changes to the Immigration Act.  They invited other national associations of regulators to join and created CORA, the Coalition of Regulatory-related Agencies (CORA). The first meeting welcomes 14 national organizations.


  • CORA is renamed the Canadian Network of National Associations of Regulators (CNNAR) to better reflect the increasing need to address common issues at the national level


  • CNNAR becomes a non-profit corporation under the Canada Corporations Act


  • CNNAR hosts is first national conference, and follows with annual educational events


  • CNNAR contracts an association management company to provide support as it continues to grow, and adds topic-specific symposia to the yearly event calendar


  • CNNAR holds its first conference outside of Toronto, Ontario, and welcomes its largest number of attendees to date in Ottawa


  • CNNAR renamed the Canadian Network of Agencies for Regulation (CNAR) to embrace its growing membership
  • CNAR creates Communities of Interest for professional regulators to share information, best practices, and resources
  • CNAR adds investigations training to its roster of educational offerings


  • CNAR launches its new website and self-serve member portal. The new site includes collaborative work spaces, searchable directories, event registration, a job board, and a survey tool.

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Board of Directors


Kevin Taylor
National Alliance of Respiratory Therapy Regulatory Bodies


Carol Bock
Canadian Alliance of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Regulators


Theresa Schopf
National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities


Beth Deazeley
College of Early Childhood Educators

Katya Masnyk
Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators 


Uriel Pierre

Stephanie Price
Engineers Canada



Executive Director

Kevin McKinley 


Manager, Communications and Member Services

Alana Coleman 


For a copy of CNAR’s current bylaw, click here

For more information on how your organization can get involved, please visit CNAR’s Membership page